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The Wheels - a novel by Fiodor Moskovtsev

Title: "The Wheels"
Genre: fiction, drama
Author: Fiodor Moskovtsev, for sure need to promote)))
Summary: a real incident (wheels theft, unlawful use of weapons) that occurred in the spring of 2011 in St. Petersburg. Translated from Russian. 
Boris Peckerman saw from a balcony of his apartment as three evil-doers were unscrewing wheels from his car. Taking his gun, he ran into the yard to save his property and punish evil-doers. Further developments were in the spirit of cult films of Guy Ritchie. Boris ran up to teenagers (he mistook them for the reavers), and demanded the wheels back, threatening the gun. But they took away his weapon and beat him severely. Boris's wife along with their neighbor went outside, they won away his gun from teenagers, and carried unconscious Boris home. Meanwhile the real reavers were not able to sell the stolen wheels to the buyer, whith whom made arrangements in advance, and could not think of anything better than to return the wheels to the owner for a fee. It's as good as done. They returned to the car, which was mounted on bricks (as it was without wheels), and pushed it from the bricks. The alarm went off, and Boris ran again to the balcony with his gun. Armed Boris ran out onto the street with the neighbor. They started broiling, and for this once Boris managed to apply his weapon; but not against the reavers. And he had to smart for handling firearms violation. Other participants of the story – a passerby, two police officers, and an elderly man who lives with Boris in the same house. This is a real incident that occurred in the spring of 2011 in Kupchino, bedroom district of St. Petersburg. Translated from Russian. To download – click photo or HERE

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