Witch-of-November (witchofnovember) wrote in unblock_me,

Cards and writer's block

This is being cross posted in Non Fluffy Pagans and Just_write so ignore the bits that don't apply to you.
Over the weekend I bought a new set of tarot cards. I bought them for a character in a story that I'm working on. He's a Druid, a police detective and has a raven for a familiar, a mouthy raven at that. I bought the cards because they looked like the cards he would use and I hoped that they would help me get my brain started again.
I just haven't had much luck with cards lately, not my old cards not these new cards not with the cards in a game of solitaire.
So for the Pagans; what's your favorite way to get in touch with a new pack of cards.
and for the Writers the eternal question; short of beating yourself with a baseball bat how to you get reengaged with your writing?
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